Monthly Fiction Class Subscription

Monthly Fiction Class Subscription


Join our exclusive monthly fiction video classes and get the tools you need to write compelling fiction. Plotting, Scene and Sequel, Show Not Tell, Character Development and more will be covered. Every class will include interactive discussions, Q&A, and personalized feedback.

  • Build your foundational knowledge to write stronger fiction.

  • Connect with fellow aspiring writers and grow your network.

  • Access exclusive resources, reading lists, and writing prompts.

July: 6 Must-Haves for a Compelling Plot

If you’re struggling to plot your novel or are dealing with the “murky middle,” this workshop will teach you about the 6 must-have components of a compelling plot, and help you develop a strong framework for your book. The framework is the foundation of everything you write, and this class will help you build a powerful start!

August: Know the WHY: How to Build a Compelling Motivation

Many authors get wrapped up in the action and don’t think about the WHY for their characters. Creating a strong and believable motivation for their actions is what will keep the reader turning the pages and make plotting easier. This class will teach you how to choose a strong WHY for your characters and how to use that to ramp up the stakes in your book.

September: 7 Keys to Stronger Conflict 

Make your conflict propel your plot, increase the tension, and keep the reader glued to your pages. This workshop will teach you how to build believable, powerful conflicts and how to use those conflicts to increase the emotion and stakes in your story.

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